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Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Southwest Beverages is a manufacturer and marketer of two brands of premium quality dry mix beverages - Sippity® hot cocoa mix and Kemosabe® gourmet flavored coffee. We are dedicated to providing our customers with healthy beverages that offer nourishment and provides them with fun and comforting life experiences. In exchange for our efforts, our customers reward us with increased sales that enable our distributors, vendors, fund raising organizations and members to enjoy predictable, consistent and sustained earnings.

Our most valuable asset are our people, who are the hallmark of our success. Driven by passion, our employees form the core values that comprise our company culture and bring added value to our customers.

We are an environmentally friendly company, ethically responsible and one that supports the communities in which we serve by hiring local people and supporting community activities.

Southwest Beverages is a young company, full of passion and driven to a commitment to excellence in all that we do. We are determined to become the world’s premier dry mix beverage company by offering better quality beverages at fairer prices to our customers.